New Victoria

And so it begins

After meeting at a desolate train station, Hounslow East, the group met up with Lt. Walker. After an awkward meeting, the group got onto an empty train to a Beefsteak house in downtown London. The walk through the streets showcased the modern marvels of the era. Steam carts rolling through the streets, stores selling steam powered toys for children, and salesman selling wonder tonics and gadgets. The Artisan, a gambling den and eatery for the wealthy gave a private room for the first meeting. The group was made aware of a plot to kill Lady Boddington in New Wall.
The group would take a train to the coast and get to witness the technology exhibition of Stratford’s new line of weapons and the marksmanship of the fair Lady Boddington. Before leaving London, the group was able to work their contacts in New Wall to find out the possible locale of the assassination attempt and the possible method of murder. The train ride was eventful including a dramatic chase through the train to prevent the detonation of a bomb. Interrogation of the young man, revealed that he was being controlled by a powerful psychic. The group tried to track down the assailant but the attempt was fruitless. The remainder of the train ride was tense as the group tried to find any other spies.
As the train pulled into New Wall, the party saw Steam tanks and other military units on practice maneuver. As glorious as the British war machine appeared one thing was certain…preparations for war had begun.



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