New Victoria

Bennigan's last stand...


The bloody gunfight and tense argument behind the group, they collected themselves and decided to reconvene elsewhere…

The group met up at the armory, information in hand and ready to ambush the would be killers. They decided to surround the woods with the good soldiers of New Wall and apprehend Southerby and the other conspirators. That evening, Bennigan decided to scout out the woods in the hopes of gathering more information. Perhaps he wished to right the wrongs that he had done but everything began to unravel as he was spotted by a sentry and apprehended after being wounded.
As he was being dragged to the villian’s camp, the party descended on the hideout. Under a hail of machine gun fire and rocket blast the party found themselves triumphant with Southerby apprehended. Unfortunately, they found Bennigan’s corpse tied to a tree, the cause of death was a savage attack with a bayonet.

While tying up Southerby, the party had to foil a suicide attempt on his part. Apparently he had concealed some sort of poison in a false tooth. With him alive a good bit of information could hopefully be gained on the conspiracy. A slip of paper with some bizarre coding was found on Southerby’s person as well. Perhaps some sort of encrypted code from the evil doer’s master?!? Hopefully further investigation into the matter would shed some light…



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