New Victoria


31/1/1858 – 2/2/1858

The party took a steam cart into Doncaster in the evening. Torchlight was the only light sources on this damp night as businesses were closing up. The party purchased fancy lanterns from Smitty’s general store and made their way to Waite manor. The party found the big house dark and seemingly deserted. As they neared the front door they noticed the Professor’s steam cart was hacked apart by an axe. When the party neared the entrance a bizarre speaker system told them to run into the house and barricade themselves in before ‘it’ came back. The party fortified the room just in time to stop the mutated Douglas Finster from smashing his way through. He had consumed all of the chemicals in Waite’s home and had become some sort of beast. The party decided to lure the monster to the outside to dispatch it in the weapons testing zone. After a tense chase through the secret passages of the home, the party killed Finster with two anti-tank rounds from the large cannon outback.

Prof. Waite rewarded the party for their trouble’s and then decoded the message taken from Southerby. The photo’s sent by Walker were also developed and revealed Ruger and the soldier that greeted the party in New Wall. The decoded message was leading the party to three libraries in London. The chase was on for more information!



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