New Victoria

Home sweet London


The party made ready to head back to London after receiving the decoded message and developed photos from the good Prof. Waite. He also provided the group with a way of cracking any further decoded messages and said he would inform Lt. Walker of their progress. Armed with this information, the party made their way to the train station and left for London. The long train ride was broken up with a fine meal, good drink, and rousing hunting tail of Lord Worthington III. Upon getting back to London, the party was assaulted with the smells of good British cooking and burning coal.
The group split up to hit the three great libraries and decipher the code as soon as possible. On the way to the British library, Dr.York and Lt. Knight stopped at the Beefeater to drop off their luggage and bumped into Lt. Walker. He said that he would appreciate more punctual updates via encrypted telegraph, but otherwise was pleased with the groups progress. The party found the encoded message they needed in three parts divided amongst three books on ancient British cults…grisly business indeed.
The group reconvened at the Beefeater for fine dining and to put together the message. The good Mr. Eastward was too excited to wait for dinner (and had already eaten half a chicken pot pie while secretly visiting his wife, Elaine, and son earlier that day) and feverishly worked through the code as the rest of his allies filled their bellies. What was discovered was a secret location of a cache in a graveyard on the outskirts of London. The party waited until four in the morning and made their way by horse carriage. The had the driver dropped them off on a small bridge not to far from the cemetary grounds and used discretion and stealth to effect their entry.
It didn’t take to long to find the grave of the recently deceased author, Graham Jones. The controversial author of Inside British Cults, The Religious History of the UK, and Cult History, died under suspicious circumstances and now it appeared that his grave housed more than his bones. Sgt. Moore quickly dug up a small strong box that was shut but not locked. In it, the party found a silenced pistol, two hundred and fifty pounds sterling, and several notes and instructions to meet the other conspirators in a woods outside of Salisbury. After a few moments of discussion about what to do with the box, the party decided to take it and meet with Lt. Walker for more instructions.
The party met with Walker in a secret back room and he felt the time to strike was now. It seemed that the conspiracy against London was using the cult of the sightless eye as a cover of their base of operations in a forest outside of Salisbury. The party began to research more on this despicable cult and began to make arrangements (which included arming themselves with the latest field theory technology) to leave for Salisbury on the double!!



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