New Victoria

Martial Law!...Repealed!!!

The party made their way back to the armory. Prof. Black and Lt. Knight split off from the group to arrange a meeting with Boddington, and guard Southerby respectably. The rest of the group went to the Roseborough inn and met up the newest addition to the party, Lord Worthington III. The famous big game hunter prattled on about his famous hunting adventures across the globe.
The group met up back at the armory and had a secret meeting with Boddington and Bevel in his office. They all tried to come up with a plan that would undo the martial law that had been instituted the night before and also get all of the information from Southerby. Boddington revealed that Major Bridesdale might be willing to overturn the ruling…and also that he was her former brother-in-law.
The interrogation of Southerby revealed many things: how brutal of a man he was and what he knew of the evil conspiracy. There were four men that were in charge of hiring Southerby and the one that was the face was a man by the name of Ruger, none other than the man with the Beret! After the interrogation, Southerby revealed that he would blow the whistle on the group and ensure they would be found out, even if he were to die. Prof. Black volunteered to read his mind with some sort of wonder machine…but unfortunately Southerby did not survive the experience. Lt. Knight arranged the meeting with Bridesdale at the Beefeater pub. The group masterly made their case for removing martial law. Bridesdale decided that between their evidence, and Boddington’s approval, that he would pull back the reins.
The next day the party saw the exhibition of Prof. Stratford’s wonder machines. Steam powered cavalry, indestructable tanks, long range sniper rifles fired by the talented Lady Boddington, and a massive airship were demonstrated to the amazed crowds. Afterwards, the party got to meet with Stratford personally…his robot bodyguard Chauncy, never removing his cold gaze from the group. Lady Boddington bid the party farewell and gave them train tickets to meet up with Lt. Walker and Prof. Ephrim Waite in Doncaster, in the hopes that he could decode the secret note that Southerby had.
At the train station, the party was greeted by a soldier who recognized Lord Worthington in the paper shaking hands with Stratford. The uneventful train ride to Nottingham was followed up by a brief meeting with Walker and a new objective: Get to Prof. Waite in Doncaster and have him decode the message before Ruger found out! In addition, Walker told the party that he had tracked down Ruger and recieved undeveloped photos from some of his thugs that were being sent to Prof. Waite as well! The proffessor’s importance was made terribly clear and now only one thing was left to do…get to him and safeguard him at all cost!!!!



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