Archibald Bennigan Walsh (Deceased)

A rough looking bloke with a hard stare and crooked smile.


Agility D8
Smarts D6
Spirit D6
Strength D6
Vigor D8

Charisma: 0
Pace: 6"
Parry: 4
Toughness: 6 (8/10)

Enemy (Minor)
Greedy (Minor)
Wanted (Major)

Connections (East India Trading Company)

Climbing D6+2
Lockpicking D6+2
Stealth D8+2
Streetwise D6
Persuasion D6
Shooting D6
Fighting D4
Notice D4

Heavy Armor Vest
Brass Knuckles
Cordite Surprise

5xp – Quick
10xp – Vigor Die D8


Archibald Bennigan Walsh was born on a cold winter’s night in the poorest section on London’s East End. His father was a sailor once making a honest living with the East India Company. However, by the time of Archibald’s third birthday his father was dead from Cholera, or so he was told, and he and his mother were forced into hard times. In order to avoid the poor houses they relocated to the Rookery, a neighborhood populated by thieves, murderers, and prostitutes.

For a few years they made their way in that awful place. Archibald began working with the local gangsters learning how to pick pockets and break into homes. His mother, in the mean time, became a prostitute and often times many of Archibald’s “teachers” were her customers.

They subsided this way until Archibald was thirteen. It was during one particularly hot and oppressive summer that Archibald return home to find one of his mother’s clients bent over her, covered in blood. Thrown into a blind rage Archibald quickly dispatched the man with a near-by piece of wood; his first murder. As was common for the Rookery no police were called, no investigation was had. Archibald was able to scrape enough together to have his mother buried in the local church while her assailants body was dumped into the river for the rats.

Over the next ten years Archibald made quite a name for himself on the streets. From grave robbery to forgery to simple muggings, it became known that no job was beneath him. He found himself gainfully employed. He had a habit of making enemies with his actions but they were often quietly dispatched. His skills as an assassin were regarded with awe by the criminals with which he trafficked.

In time Archibald came into contact with some old acquaintance for his father. He discovered his father had indeed worked for the company, but made his living smuggling stolen artifacts back from Indian ports. The men wished for the son to continue the father’s work.

So, for a time, Archibald threw in his lost with the EIC. He would often travel abroad and found himself quite adept at convincing sailors and dock workers to let certain cargo shipments “go missing”. Sometimes all that was needed was a few words and quids, other times some persuasion of a more violent nature. Either way Archibald was making progress.

This new work, however, put Archibald far more in the open. It got him noticed. It wasn’t long before Scotland Yard came looking for him. Inspector Kennith Durham, in particular, became a thorn in his side. For months the Inspector tried to connect Archibald to various disappearances and crimes that occurred along the London docks and for months Archibald was able to avoid them. It wasn’t long before they got their chance.

One evening, while unloading a cargo of Opium destined for the Rookery, Archibald was confronted on the docks by Inspector Durham and his partner. Archibald greeted the Inspector with the same cock-sure attitude he used with everyone else. Quiet words turned to shouting, shouting turned into gunfire. In the fracas the opium, and any hope of proving Archiblad was smuggling illegal goods, went over the edge of the docks. Several men were gunned down, including the Inspector’s partner.

Archibald quickly realized that even if he hadn’t fired the shot the felled the police man he would surely be to blame. He returned for to the Rookery for the first time in years, seeking sanctuary and anonymity amid his fellow criminals and thieves. Cut off from his money and possessions he was forced to sleeping in the backrooms of bars, spending his days drinking away his last few quid, scheming a plan to get back out into the plan and fix the mess he found himself in.

It was in one of these bars that he found himself approached by two mysterious men with an offer: Join up with them, help the crown, save the world. And in exchange they’d make his problems go away. Archibald laughed in their faces, he’d heard better cons before. It was when the two men related information regarding Archibald’s other crimes, crimes he thought had long been forgotten, that Archibald began to listen…

Archibald Bennigan Walsh (Deceased)

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