Lady Boddington

Noble in New Wall, friend of the "Tea Drinkers"


Lady Helena Boddington is beloved by the people of New Wall, both civilian and military. Daughter of Lord Christopher Boddington, a renowned big game hunter and world-traveler, she saw many places and learned of many different cultures. An excellent shot in her own right, she has been known to show off her expertise during public exhibitions. To the few that are aware, she is working for the “Tea Drinkers” and would stop at nothing to protect Queen and country. Unfortunately, it has been leaked to some unsavory individuals of this involvement and her life is in danger. Indeed, her loss would be a terrible blow to the cause of safeguarding London.

Lady Boddington is a tall, attractive woman of fair features. Her husband was killed in the Crimean war by a Russian sharpshooter and she laments his loss with silent grace.

Lady Boddington

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