Fantastical Items


Health Elixir Notes: immediate heal check,successive uses have consequences (toxicity rule: if more than one is used in 24 hours, make a vigor check after consumed. Penalty is equal to number of (either health or speed) tonics. If the roll is failed take a fatigue level. If incapacitated by these fatigue levels, character dies from buildup of toxins in the system.) Price 50 Weight 1

Speed Elixir Notes: discard 8 or less during initiative. (see health elixir for toxicity rules) Price 75 Weight 1

Steam Powered Bomb Notes: Limited steering and can drive to Range 25,see large explosive P 450 W 50

Steam Powered Pet Notes: Pace 6 pet that can learn tricks,dog,cat,monkey,parrot P 500 W 15

Steam Powered Man Notes: secret project

Magnetic Field Hat Notes: Stylish hat that generates a force field,1 harder to hit, 1 armor vs blasts,-2 to notice rolls and stealth checks due to noise Price 500 Weight 5

Owl Eyes Notes: Ignore Darkness Penalties Price 200 Weight 1

Steam Powered Skeleton Key Notes: +2 to lockpicking Price 225 Weight 1

Portable Tea Machine: Tea whenever you need it! Price 50 Weight 5

Cat Suit: +2 to Stealth Price 200 Weight 3, no armor allowed

Steam Powered Motivators: +1 Pace, Running Die improved by one (max D10) Price 325, Weight *

Field detection Compass: +1 to Tracking, Price 150 Weight .5

Flash Bang Watch: pocket watch that can stun would be assailants! All within 3 spaces of character must make an agility check at -2 or be shaken. Price 175 and additional 10 per use of device. W .5

Prof Windham’s Vest Stiffener: +1 to armor on vest or heavy vest. +2 lbs of weight. 300 pounds

Pugilistic Enchancement Tonic: +1 str die, +1 vigor die, last for one hour, then take 2d6 dmg. Price 75 Weight 1

Alertness Tonic: +1 to notice rolls and +1 to unshake rolls for 1 hour. At the end of the hour take a fatigue level. Price 60 Weight 1

Steam Powered backpack: Increase the multiplier for carryiing weight by two. (ie. x7 multiplier goes to x6) Price 225 W 5* (weight does not count towards carry weight)

psychic amplifier: add the character’s smarts to powers that are not range self or touch. Price 500 W 2

medkit mk.2: +1 to heal checks. price 150 W 2


Fantastical Items

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