Weapon Accessories


Armor Piercing Rounds Notes: doubles AP of gun Price 10 per round

Explosive Rounds Notes: +2 to dmg, on a trait roll of 1 gun jams and firer takes 2d6 Price 5/round

HV modification Price: 500 Notes: weapon does +2 dmg, double the cost of all ammo, including specialty ammo. the gun can only use HV ammo now.

Sound Dampener Notes: Shot requires a notice -2 roll to hear Price 50

Quick Draw Holster Notes: Halves ready weapon penalty, pistols only Price 20

Tungsten Blade Notes: Improves AP by 1 for melee weapons, bladed only Price 200

Cordite Surprise Notes: With a successful agility check, produce a derringer or .22 pistol as a free action in gun hand, chance for suprise. Price 50

Holster Price 5

Scope Notes: Double the ranges for rifle. Price 100

Rhino rounds Notes: Elephant gun only, Doubles AP and gun counts as Heavy weapon Price 20/round

well-balanced firearm: plus one to hit rolls. Price 100


Weapon Accessories

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