New Victoria

Home sweet London


The party made ready to head back to London after receiving the decoded message and developed photos from the good Prof. Waite. He also provided the group with a way of cracking any further decoded messages and said he would inform Lt. Walker of their progress. Armed with this information, the party made their way to the train station and left for London. The long train ride was broken up with a fine meal, good drink, and rousing hunting tail of Lord Worthington III. Upon getting back to London, the party was assaulted with the smells of good British cooking and burning coal.
The group split up to hit the three great libraries and decipher the code as soon as possible. On the way to the British library, Dr.York and Lt. Knight stopped at the Beefeater to drop off their luggage and bumped into Lt. Walker. He said that he would appreciate more punctual updates via encrypted telegraph, but otherwise was pleased with the groups progress. The party found the encoded message they needed in three parts divided amongst three books on ancient British cults…grisly business indeed.
The group reconvened at the Beefeater for fine dining and to put together the message. The good Mr. Eastward was too excited to wait for dinner (and had already eaten half a chicken pot pie while secretly visiting his wife, Elaine, and son earlier that day) and feverishly worked through the code as the rest of his allies filled their bellies. What was discovered was a secret location of a cache in a graveyard on the outskirts of London. The party waited until four in the morning and made their way by horse carriage. The had the driver dropped them off on a small bridge not to far from the cemetary grounds and used discretion and stealth to effect their entry.
It didn’t take to long to find the grave of the recently deceased author, Graham Jones. The controversial author of Inside British Cults, The Religious History of the UK, and Cult History, died under suspicious circumstances and now it appeared that his grave housed more than his bones. Sgt. Moore quickly dug up a small strong box that was shut but not locked. In it, the party found a silenced pistol, two hundred and fifty pounds sterling, and several notes and instructions to meet the other conspirators in a woods outside of Salisbury. After a few moments of discussion about what to do with the box, the party decided to take it and meet with Lt. Walker for more instructions.
The party met with Walker in a secret back room and he felt the time to strike was now. It seemed that the conspiracy against London was using the cult of the sightless eye as a cover of their base of operations in a forest outside of Salisbury. The party began to research more on this despicable cult and began to make arrangements (which included arming themselves with the latest field theory technology) to leave for Salisbury on the double!!


31/1/1858 – 2/2/1858

The party took a steam cart into Doncaster in the evening. Torchlight was the only light sources on this damp night as businesses were closing up. The party purchased fancy lanterns from Smitty’s general store and made their way to Waite manor. The party found the big house dark and seemingly deserted. As they neared the front door they noticed the Professor’s steam cart was hacked apart by an axe. When the party neared the entrance a bizarre speaker system told them to run into the house and barricade themselves in before ‘it’ came back. The party fortified the room just in time to stop the mutated Douglas Finster from smashing his way through. He had consumed all of the chemicals in Waite’s home and had become some sort of beast. The party decided to lure the monster to the outside to dispatch it in the weapons testing zone. After a tense chase through the secret passages of the home, the party killed Finster with two anti-tank rounds from the large cannon outback.

Prof. Waite rewarded the party for their trouble’s and then decoded the message taken from Southerby. The photo’s sent by Walker were also developed and revealed Ruger and the soldier that greeted the party in New Wall. The decoded message was leading the party to three libraries in London. The chase was on for more information!

Martial Law!...Repealed!!!

The party made their way back to the armory. Prof. Black and Lt. Knight split off from the group to arrange a meeting with Boddington, and guard Southerby respectably. The rest of the group went to the Roseborough inn and met up the newest addition to the party, Lord Worthington III. The famous big game hunter prattled on about his famous hunting adventures across the globe.
The group met up back at the armory and had a secret meeting with Boddington and Bevel in his office. They all tried to come up with a plan that would undo the martial law that had been instituted the night before and also get all of the information from Southerby. Boddington revealed that Major Bridesdale might be willing to overturn the ruling…and also that he was her former brother-in-law.
The interrogation of Southerby revealed many things: how brutal of a man he was and what he knew of the evil conspiracy. There were four men that were in charge of hiring Southerby and the one that was the face was a man by the name of Ruger, none other than the man with the Beret! After the interrogation, Southerby revealed that he would blow the whistle on the group and ensure they would be found out, even if he were to die. Prof. Black volunteered to read his mind with some sort of wonder machine…but unfortunately Southerby did not survive the experience. Lt. Knight arranged the meeting with Bridesdale at the Beefeater pub. The group masterly made their case for removing martial law. Bridesdale decided that between their evidence, and Boddington’s approval, that he would pull back the reins.
The next day the party saw the exhibition of Prof. Stratford’s wonder machines. Steam powered cavalry, indestructable tanks, long range sniper rifles fired by the talented Lady Boddington, and a massive airship were demonstrated to the amazed crowds. Afterwards, the party got to meet with Stratford personally…his robot bodyguard Chauncy, never removing his cold gaze from the group. Lady Boddington bid the party farewell and gave them train tickets to meet up with Lt. Walker and Prof. Ephrim Waite in Doncaster, in the hopes that he could decode the secret note that Southerby had.
At the train station, the party was greeted by a soldier who recognized Lord Worthington in the paper shaking hands with Stratford. The uneventful train ride to Nottingham was followed up by a brief meeting with Walker and a new objective: Get to Prof. Waite in Doncaster and have him decode the message before Ruger found out! In addition, Walker told the party that he had tracked down Ruger and recieved undeveloped photos from some of his thugs that were being sent to Prof. Waite as well! The proffessor’s importance was made terribly clear and now only one thing was left to do…get to him and safeguard him at all cost!!!!

Bennigan's last stand...


The bloody gunfight and tense argument behind the group, they collected themselves and decided to reconvene elsewhere…

The group met up at the armory, information in hand and ready to ambush the would be killers. They decided to surround the woods with the good soldiers of New Wall and apprehend Southerby and the other conspirators. That evening, Bennigan decided to scout out the woods in the hopes of gathering more information. Perhaps he wished to right the wrongs that he had done but everything began to unravel as he was spotted by a sentry and apprehended after being wounded.
As he was being dragged to the villian’s camp, the party descended on the hideout. Under a hail of machine gun fire and rocket blast the party found themselves triumphant with Southerby apprehended. Unfortunately, they found Bennigan’s corpse tied to a tree, the cause of death was a savage attack with a bayonet.

While tying up Southerby, the party had to foil a suicide attempt on his part. Apparently he had concealed some sort of poison in a false tooth. With him alive a good bit of information could hopefully be gained on the conspiracy. A slip of paper with some bizarre coding was found on Southerby’s person as well. Perhaps some sort of encrypted code from the evil doer’s master?!? Hopefully further investigation into the matter would shed some light…

The Investigation of New Wall


As our heroes neared the New Wall station, Lt. Walker had the train make an unexpected stop some twenty minutes outside of the city. He wished the party good luck and said that he would leave the train to hopefully throw the conspirators off of their trail. After relaying some vital contact information he made good his retreat. As soon as the party made it to New Wall they split up and got to work. Bennigan and Mr.Eastwood had went to the Howler pub and met with the notorious Bill Bauer in the hopes of getting his assistance. A tense card game ensued in a dark back room of the Howler pub, but thanks to the keen mind of Mr. Eastward, the two gentlemen escaped unscathed with valuable information. Being pointed in the direction of Jack, a fixer that resided in the Howler pub, they set to work extracted information from the portly coward. Bennigan was crude in his tactics but effective and now the group had a name…James Southerby. It seemed that more answers were to be found at the docks with a Russian by the name of Kristov.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group made their way to the Roseborough Inn to meet the “Tea Drinker” contact. After settling down in the rooms provided for them they met with Captain Bevel, master of the New Wall armory and replacement for the previous Captain Jacques. They were giving a tour of Fort Emerald and awed by the military might that Britain had at its disposal here. It was at the armory that the group was able to interview the soldier that had issued the military weaponry to “Cpl. York”. The interrogation was informative and many things were learned, such as the real fate of Captain Jacques and the existence of a “royal psychic” that was used to test the loyalty of her Majesty’s subjects when the need arose. Prof. Black was also given an invitation to dinner with Lady Boddington that evening and was told to bring his allies.

The group met up again at the Roseborough and relayed all of their findings to one another. After freshening up, a steam carriage collected the party and whisked them away to Boddington manor. The manor was a massive forty room mansion that screamed of great wealth. The fair Lady Boddington proved herself a gracious host and shed light on the current political situation in New Wall. It seemed that the civilian government was on the cusp of becoming a mere symbol as the threat of Martial law loomed with the current hysteria that gripped Britain. Handsome compensation was promised to the party for the apprehension of Southerby and the group was wished good luck.

Later that evening, Bennigan met up with his contact in the East India company at the docks, a man by the name of Bixby. He told Bennigan (in exchange for ten quid) that Southerby had hired some mercenaries at the docks from Kristov and that the “would-be assassin” could probably be located through the shady Russian. A small monetary reward was also promised if Bennigan had the stomach to remove Kristov from the docks on a very permanent basis. Bennigan informed the group of his findings and the next morning they made great haste to the docks to confront Kristov. A tense conversation in the shanty town by the docks got ugly very fast as Bennigan lost his cool and greed overcame him. A short, bloody gunfight ensued that left one of Kristov’s men dead and two critically wounded. It was the first time that Doctor York showcased his psychic ability in a spectacularly violent manner and the good rest of the party showed off their marksmanship and pugilistic aptitude. Bennigan was nearly gunned down and if it weren’t for the medical prowess of Doctor York he would surely had succumbed to his injuries. Kristov surrendered and promptly handed over the hiding place of Southerby and his mercenaries. It seemed that the party was hot on his trail and a favorable end was in sight. But what to do with Bennigan…

And so it begins

After meeting at a desolate train station, Hounslow East, the group met up with Lt. Walker. After an awkward meeting, the group got onto an empty train to a Beefsteak house in downtown London. The walk through the streets showcased the modern marvels of the era. Steam carts rolling through the streets, stores selling steam powered toys for children, and salesman selling wonder tonics and gadgets. The Artisan, a gambling den and eatery for the wealthy gave a private room for the first meeting. The group was made aware of a plot to kill Lady Boddington in New Wall.
The group would take a train to the coast and get to witness the technology exhibition of Stratford’s new line of weapons and the marksmanship of the fair Lady Boddington. Before leaving London, the group was able to work their contacts in New Wall to find out the possible locale of the assassination attempt and the possible method of murder. The train ride was eventful including a dramatic chase through the train to prevent the detonation of a bomb. Interrogation of the young man, revealed that he was being controlled by a powerful psychic. The group tried to track down the assailant but the attempt was fruitless. The remainder of the train ride was tense as the group tried to find any other spies.
As the train pulled into New Wall, the party saw Steam tanks and other military units on practice maneuver. As glorious as the British war machine appeared one thing was certain…preparations for war had begun.

The stirrings of war


The nations of Europe speak of the possibility of war in hushed whispers. The horrors of modern warfare make all good christian gentleman shudder. Underneath this cloud of anxiety, six men quietly met in a Beefsteak club in London. Their goal was to uncover the plot that would set in motion a war between the Commonwealth and Prussia. Different reasons brought these men together: for some it was patriotism, for others it was black mail or the promise of reward. For all of them the stakes would be high and the price they might pay could be their lives.

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