Key Historical Events

1st century AD: First recorded steam engine is developed (known as an Aeolipile).

1779: Franz Anton Mesmer publishes Mémoire sur la découverte du magnétisme animal.
over the last few years concludes that psychic powers do in fact exist.

1800-1801: Richard Trevithick and Oliver Evans both separately build high-pressure steam engines.
This opens the way for steam powered transport and other modern marvels.

1832: Passage of the first reform act in the UK.

1837: Ascension of Queen Victoria to the throne.

1840: Sir Douglas Wimple suggests the Field Theory hypothesis. His findings show that energy
fields surround all matter and can be harnessed to produce wondrous affects. This brings
about a huge movement in the sciences and begins a wave of fantastical inventions. This is
also the year that the Queen’s first child is born (the Princess Victoria).

1841: Professor Wilbur Hatchford suggests that psychics are possibly harnessing the energy
fields to produce their extroadinary abilities. He is dismissed as a mad man.

1842: A young Yuri Sorochin flees Russia and finds asylum in London. A brilliant engineer he
proves instrumental in the development of Britain’s first steam tanks. Treaty of Nanking
and massacre of Elphinstone’s Army occur.

1845: Irish Famine

1848: Cholera epidemic

1851: Great Exhibition (first World’s fair) is held at the Crystal palace. Amazing devices that utilize Wimple’s field theory take the world by storm.

1852: Inventor Emmanuel Stratford wins British Defense contract to produce modern firearms for the commonwealth.

1853-1856: Crimean War occurs. Steam tanks are first used in warfare at Sevestapol. The
massacre that occurs horrifies Europe. The Russians surrender to the British and
French allies. The treaty is signed in Paris.

1857: The Prussian empire makes it known that they possess steam tanks. Rumors of Prussian spies in London run rampant.

1858: Word is sent from France that Prussia may begin a military campaign in western Europe as early as the summer.

Key Historical Events

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