Eastward's Notes First Case

Case of the Sharpshooting Shootout
Case of the Dueling Conspiracies

Need to research Lady Boddington.
Supporter of our organization.
Need to watch for more attempts on this information.

Odd boy attempts to blow up the train without his own knowledge.
Probably under the influence of drugs and chemicals
Need more information. Boy in custody.
Odd Doctor seems to think that our target interacted with the boy.

We know a good approximation of where the attack will happen. 3 spots
There was a machine gun and rocket launcher inappropriately appropriated.

I have all of my evidence is in my briefcase and has already been a target of theft.
Get better brief case.

New Wall, very odd city.
“Crime Town” be on guard, many vagabonds and miscreants.
Howler will be a good assest. Make Friends dont draw attention while there.

New paper for the day, possible panic in the streets. Locals considering martial law, not good for seedy town.
Bill Bower is the bar keep, very carful.
Convinced Bower to assist with information, new guy get strong hands at docks. Couple weeks. Since then military close to replacing police.
Descript of prime suspect: Tall Slim Blue Eyes Pail, sounded like south london. Stood Straight. 5 guys got jobs. Came in off a boat.
See Jack, regular
Jack → Christof guy at docks
Tall guys name is James Sutherbee

Asking around town about James Surtherbee, bought cigars cubans, paid 20 pounds.
Benningen suggests to look at fancy hotels, more deductive then he appears.

Lady Boddington invited Doctor Black to dinner including the group. Why to just Black? is there a hidden connection.

Other group met Cpt Bevel, spoke to Sgt Burlington.
Cpt Jackues removed, still in New Wall.

“James” is the person that probably got the weapons.

Requisition was a forgery, very good.

A specialist is being brought in to interrogate Captain Jackues. Odd seeing as the court martial is complete, Also court martial is being covered as a transfer and retirement.

Many places to hid for an ambush between Manor and Fort.

Benningen discredits himself again. Maybe given too much credit.

Lady Boddington understands her situation.

Benningen discredits himself again. Maybe given too much credit.

Lady has no big information, for us.
Will arrange meeting with Cpt Jackes and Major Worth.

Specialist coming reports to the Her Majesty the Queen.
Sgt Michaels leader of the Victorian Guard.
Continue to feed information to Michaels.

New article, meeting tonight about martial law passing.

Dont let Bennigan talk, ever.

Need to follow up in woods for location. Look for support.

Morning if the assault bennigen is missing. He needs to be dealt with.
Our scout is very competent.

We need to stay alert. Fog is dense
Moving quicker then I like
Hard to take notes…….

After the fight, James Sutherbee tried to buy his freedom, as expected. Also he tried to kill himself, as expected.
Martial Law passed anyway. Should try to solve.

Worthington, new to group just got word from Walker. Odd development.

Need to start decoding the letter.

Worthington slightly pompous but seems like he can get the job done.

Code hard to break, need to ask code breakers at armory.

1PM meeting in armory with the Lady.

Need to prove that there are no spies or assassins.

Code Breaker at next assignment.

Lord Bridesdale would be the best ave to search for sympathy

Sutherbee hired by original culprit from train incident

Name is Mr. Ruger 5’6" crooked smile yellow teeth.
Match sketch.
Was offered $1000 pounds, was given money up front to hire teams.
Not in Newwall.

Coded letter from Ruger to unknown from unknown.

at least 3 others some prussian some not joining ruger
Ruger must be a doctor.
Other are specialists.

Decoder guy works for gvmnt lives in a manor in don caster

Had Convinced Lord Worthington to repeal martial law
All good in the morning.

Need to focus on the letter, it is the linch pin to the identities of what we are looking for.

Exhibition goes well. Boddington knows where to go for letter decoding.

Got a new assignment, meeting up with Walker.

First Case Closed.

Eastward's Notes First Case

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